Sunday, August 25, 2013


I have three cats [one a runner-in] who, being outdoor toughies, dog my every step when I garden - not, I believe because of any great love for me but rather in the vague hope that somehow a tin of food will suddenly materialise in my hand.   So it is with some interest that I see that John Bradshaw has written a book, Cat Sense, which has attracted my attention.

Now normally, a cat book would be low on my list of must-haves but this does seem to be different with a more intellectual rather than sentimental approach.   There is an excellent historical section which, according, to Tom Cox in the Observer, 'gives invaluable background to his analysis of their sociability both with fellow members of their species and us'.   He also points out that one shouldn't assume various cats can live happily together - that I've learnt by experience too.   As Tom says, this book will certainly help you understand where they've come from, what they want from you, and where they might be going, if we're not careful!

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