Saturday, February 11, 2012

Death Comes to Pemberley

Out book club last night discussed The Sense of an Ending and in the course of the discussion, P.D. James' new title, Pemberley came up.   James, one of our members - none of whom are ever stuck for the mot juste - delivered the most pithy and conclusive review of a book I have ever heard, viz;
If you like Jane Austen and enjoy detective novels, you will hate this.
What more can one say?


  1. I think one strong point in the book is the good level of details P. D. James provides; I also reviewed the book here:

    However I don’t know if you fully agree with me or not; I think in spite of all the notable things, this book had too much fluff in it and also the recaps to Pride and Prejudice were to some extent excessive

  2. Yes I agree with you. James is always pretty good on detail but the overall impression of this is a 'lazy' book - as you say too much fluff. Rush to publish maybe?